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About Stina

Visual Artist / Cleveland, Ohio

After suffering a sports-related injury, Stina Aleah turned to art and fell in love with the power of creativity to heal herself physically and mentally. A self-taught painter, her passion for art and storytelling has become an essential part of her identity and career. Stina Aleah uses her life experiences to create breathtaking oil paintings that leave audiences motivated and inspired. The artist’s work has been collected both nationally and internationally, collaborating with major corporations, Emmy-nominated television series, celebrities, galleries, and exhibitions…

"What inspires
the art?"

Life is full of experiences, and as my experiences change so does my work! Creativity comes from within, and as I continue to live life and share my stories, my paintings will be the catalyst that shares both my evolution and my growth. I am deeply influenced by human emotion and behavior, and I love to use portraiture and anatomy to help bring my imagery to life.

& Brand Partnerships

Group & Solo

Behind every brush stroke, transition of color, and embellished figure, underlies a hidden message. I encourage viewers to look beyond the surface of the canvas to uncover stories that are relevant and identifiable to ourselves and our society.

"What Is Your Vision?"

I started this journey in 2016 with one big leap of faith in a space where, at one time, self-taught artists were not easily accepted. As my career continues to blossom, I hope to be amongst the renowned artists of my time – mentoring and guiding fellow artists who want to do the same and lead their lives with authenticity through their work. My biggest desire is to inspire the world positively through my artwork.

stina aleah with paint splash